• Creating a Podcast from a Newscast Script

    This activity has students create a script for a fictional newscast.  Their newstory will be an interview of one of the characters in this image. sited:  http://writingprompts.tumblr.com/post/45107797993/714-motorcycle-escape    Plan/write your script Introduce your news story with a Jingle. Newscaster introduces himself. Interview one of the characters. Remember to  have your newscaster ask questions which tell […]

  • Fairy Tale Writing and Fables

    Telia the Monkey With the popular explosion of Fairy Tales in Entertainment, students are becoming more familiar with classic fairy tales.  All fairy tales and fables revolve around a moral or a lesson. Using these classic examples, a variety of story writing activities can be generated. Fractured Fairy Tales A story that uses fairy tale […]