• Using “Book Creator” or “Explain Everything” to create a How To Book

    “How to Videos” are a craze on YouTube.  To bump up the “How to”  use Book Creator or Explain Everything.  Both of these apps give a variety of extra tools to create a better procedural writing. Bring in artifacts, such as skipping rope, card game, etc Criteria: at least one video a picture a soundbite […]

  • Using iMovie to “Produce” a Poem

    Use this poem to create an iMovie. The Bluebird Poem 1 or on Canada and government I am Canadian Poem imovieipad2 for iPads imovie8greenscreen for Macbooks  Read the poem Chunk the poem into parts (stanzas, couplets, etc) Find images for each of the parts (google image search, search tools, usage rights) and save to device Create a […]