• Using Stop Motion for A Compare and Contrast Poem

    Students can create a variety of projects using Stop Motion, but using it to illustrate their poetry, can allow to students demonstrate their own perspective through visuals.  Creating an audio bite and back drops can established the mood of the poem. Poems which contrast things are most effective.  Also Poems which have action words can be used. […]

  • More Fractured Fairy Tales

    Today I have included instructions for writing a parody of a Fairy Tale called a Fractured Fairy Tale. Students will use Inspirations to brainstorm story and then use comic life to present. They will also use a drawing program, such as Drawing Box to create their characters. WritingParodyIpad BookCreatorComics    

  • Writing Newspaper Articles

    Have you ever considered having students create newspaper stories or articles?  Or even full newspapers? Students will learn to choose descriptive concise language when writing an article. Keep these in mind: Start with a lead which captures the audience Give important details and facts (who, what, where, when, why and how) which are necessary components […]