CWT iPad Apps

These are the apps explored and recommended by our  teachers. Some apps are free and some have costs.  For BYD (Bring Your own Device) the district my be able to lend apps.  Contact Jarrod Bell at

Please remember that some app prices may change.

Apple Apps Free with New Devices


  • Word Processing for creating documents which can be shared as Page Doc, Word Doc, or PDF


  • Presentation App for creating a slideshow with text, images, media and animation.


  • Spreadsheet for creating spreadsheets, tables and charts


  • Turn videos and digital stills into movies or trailers


  • Download and read a variety of ebooks


  • Explore and play audio and video podcast


  • Make and share videos with text, effects, graphic, and audio.

Paid Apps

Inspiration Maps

  • Creates graphic organizers to plan and organize thinking and writing.

Book Creator

  • Creates ebooks by adding pictures, text and audio

Kids Write Text Types

  • Exploration of writing forms with instructions, format, features and examples

Factor Samurai

  • Explore multiplication facts and prime numbers


  • Integer and operation practice with a scratchboard area for work

Geometry Pad+

  • Explore and create geometric shapes with interactive geometry tools


  •  Note-taking app with ability to import and write on PDFs, doc, and ppt

Explain Everything

  • Screencasting (digital recording of screen) and interactive whiteboard with the ability to import a variety of files

Drawing Box

  • Practice drawing and painting using a variety of tools

Free Apps

Google Apps GAFE  Uses accounts

Google Translate

  • Translate over 80 languages, includes audio, speech and handwriting

Google Drive

  • Access google drive to work on documents and spreadsheets, and upload photos/videos to share

Google Doc

  • Create, edit and collaborate with documents

Google Slides

  • Create, edit and collaborate with presentations

Google Sheet

  • Create, edit and collaborate with sheets

Google Calendar (iPhone)

  • A calendar which allows user to easily add information linked to the students’ learn60 account

Google Classroom

  • Access Teachers’ Google classroom for assignments and posting

Access Online Books Apps

Overdrive Media Console

  • Read and listen to audiobooks and video from Libraries who supply online resources

Follett Enlight

  • Read ebooks located on district ebook library

Reference and Browsers (Consumption Apps)

Wordweb Dictionary Free

  • Dictionary and thesaurus

I-Nigma QR Code

  • Turns camera into a barcode reader


  • Web browser

Math Apps

Virtual Manipulatives! by ABC

  • virtual set of fractions bars

MathTappers ( iPhone Apps for numeracy/science)

  1. Equivalents:  equivalent fractions, decimals and percents
  2. Estimate Fractions: explore fractions
  3. Find Sums: explore operation of addition and subtraction
  4. NumberLine: explore whole, integer and real numbers
  5. Multiples: make sense of multiplication and division

Jumbo Calculator

  • Large button calculator

MyScript Calculator

  • Performs mathematical operations

TanZen Lite

  • Explore tangram puzzles

Sudoku +

  • Play classic sudoku games

Creation Apps and Learning Apps

Pic Collage

  • Create collages with photos

Stop Motion Studio

  • Create stop motion animations

Duolingo – Learn Languages

  • Learn French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, or Italian

Coding Apps

Hopscotch: Coding for kids

  • Program characters to move and create games, using Block Based coding


  • Puzzle game where you teach a robotic how to move crates

Scratch Jr

  • Introductory exposure to Block Based Coding


  • Introductory exposure to Block Based Coding and complex principles of coding


  • Learn to code a variety of drones and robots