• Formative Assessment

    Using technology has made it easier for teachers to use Formative Assessment in their classroom.  Formative assessment is assessment used to inform your instructions. This type of work should never be used for giving students final grades. We as teachers, must be aware of how easy we can fall into only using these technology tools for […]

  • Collaborative Writing

    One of the big ideas in the WWP is the belief that writing is social and collaborative.  Students generate creative pieces when they have an opportunity to share their ideas and build on other’s thoughts.  When students collaborate with writing, they have opportunity to expose themselves to different styles.  They get to see examples of […]

  • Expectations for laptops and writing

    It is our intention that teachers in WWP would be having students handwrite only the grade 6 cold write. We do this so that the assessment is about their writing and not their typing skills. That may change in the future depending on student’s abilities especially as more have had opportunities to work with laptops […]