Collaborative Writing

One of the big ideas in the WWP is the belief that writing is social and collaborative.  Students generate creative pieces when they have an opportunity to share their ideas and build on other’s thoughts.  When students collaborate with writing, they have opportunity to expose themselves to different styles.  They get to see examples of “good” writing techniques.  There are a variety of ways to say “Mary ran into the classroom”.  As teachers we can introduce more complex language and sentences, but then sometimes, they just don’t get.  When they see their peers using a variety of words and sentences, it is almost learning by osmosis.  Try using this online site to create collaborative works.

Instructions to students

  1. One student goes to
  2. Give your Pad an unique “easy” name (madeupname)
  3. Have partner(s) type in URL
  4. Begin the writing
  5. One student exports the work at the end of the writing session.