Blogging using Kidblog

Several of the WWP classes are starting to use Kidblog.  Teachers can easily set up their classes and let the posting and commenting begin.

By definition a blog is a site where individuals or groups can record opinions or information about topics.  It is expected that the posts are made regularly and that an audience is allowed to make comments.  The classroom is a great place for both the blogger and audience.

Teachers must teach explicitly expectations for posting and commenting.  Never assume that students know what they do or not do.  Teach them to be clear in their communication, using appropriate, correct language and fully explaining themselves.  Remind them that what they publish is going out into cyberspace, and therefore can be copied and used by others.  Never say something on line, that you would not say in person.  When making comments, encourage students to follow 3 points:  What did you notice, what questions you have and what connection can you make to this opinion.

Teachers can use in a variety of ways

  1. Journal Writing
  • Post Journal topics and have students post their opinions
  • Allow students to comment following expectations

2.    Literature or Information Circles

  • Reading Responses
  • Double sided journals
  • Lit circle jobs

3.    Presenting Work

  • import documents
  • images
  • audio
  • online work

They could publish their StoryBird
Music is my special place. on Storybird
Enjoy your developing bloggers!

Included is instructions for creating a class Kidblog.