Creating and Sharing a Talking Storybook

iBooks have some amazing and creative stories which can include audio.  Using the IPad , students have the ability to create their own talking stories using a variety of different apps.  They can add their own voices, audio sounds, own pictures, clipart, electronic drawings, and of course their own writing. Lastly, they can share their audio story, so others can open in iBooks.

Here is a outline of the apps you could use

  1. Open “Character Prompts”  Create a profile of your main character, saving to notes basic, physical , info, twists and questions.  Copy and paste your notes into “Pages“.  Begin to write your story.  You may use a graphic organizer app to ensure your story follows a plot profile (beginning, problem, attempts to solve, resolution and conclusion.
  2. Use “Portrait” to create an avatar of your character.
  3. Use a drawing app such as “DrawCast” or “Drawing Box” to create settings, etc.  Capture the screen in Photos.
  4. Open “Book Creator”.  Create pages, adding text (copy and paste), audio recordings, sound effects, avatar, pictures and drawings.
  5. Share to Evernote and email to your teacher, friends, parents etc.
  6. Your Audience will be able to open in iBooks.