Fairy Tale Writing: Fractured Fairy Tales

  1. Brainstorm Characteristics of Fairy Tale: Beginning, Ending, Setting, Characters, Problems etc.
  2. Decide on a fairy tale to write a parody on (try your favourite or least favourite)
  3. Reread the fairy tale in order to become an expert on the events
  4. Research to become familiar: http://lswhs.leesummit.k12.mo.us/lmclsw/Teacher%20Projects/fairytales.htm
  5. Draft Story using Inspirations
  6. Change one of the literary elements: Point of View (reverse good guy bad guy), setting, etc.
  7. Write text for story
  8. Complete drawings for story: Drawcast or Drawing
  9. Use an Application to Present: Comic Life, PowerPoint/Keynote, Word/Pages, Book Creator etc

Interview a character from a fractured fairy tale and create aPodcast