Using iMovie to Create Book Trailers

Introduce the book and include a hook Brainstorm what to include in their book trailer, text and pictures, keeping in mind: genre of book, the author connections to self, text and world theme: friendship, courage, coming of age, injustice, heroism, determination, being different, love, working together How does the character’s actions connect him/her to this […]

Poetry Writing

Poetry writing can be a great Winter writing activity.  Using a combination of on line websites and iPad Apps, students can create a poetry booklet .  Their portfolio can be presented in a variety of other apps and can include examples of : 1.   Haiku               2.   Tanka   […]

Hundred Charts for Notability

Here is a PDF with a few hundred charts that can be highlighted / circled etc in Notability. Thanks to Charleen Barr for the idea! Hundred Charts PDF

Web Literacy WWP Session 3

Teaching Web Literacy is important.  Students need to know that whatever they find on the internet may or may not be true.  Anyone can create a webpage, so teaching students to be critical thinkers is important.  If you haven’t read “Web Literacy for Educators” by Alan November, I highly recommend it. Here are several activities […]

Using Word Clouds With iPads

What are WordClouds? WordClouds are an application which deconstructs text and puts it into a visual representation.  In a nut shell, it takes your words and puts it into a picture. Reasons to use Word Clouds: Pre-Reading:  Skimming through text looking for key words, headings and pictures is a great pre-reading strategy.  However if the […]

Talking Story Book

Using PowerPoint to create a talking storybook. TalkingStoryBook

Engaging Activities for Reading Poetry

Much to the surprise of my colleagues, I find it so easy to get kids to enjoy, explore and critique poetry.  Giving students opportunities to explore a variety of poems, with very little guidance, and a whole lot of sharing, opens up discussions about poetic devices, themes, and messages in poetry.   As students are […]

Writing Poetry WWP Session 4

In today’s session you may need the following documents: PoetryJanuary List of Onomatopoeia PoeticDevicesScavengerHunt Poetry unit poetrydevicesdefinition Powerpointmedia1 Types of Poems

Poetry and iMovie

Turn a poem into a movie by collecting images and audio and creating an interpretation of a published poem or a self created poem. iMovie instructions imovie8greenscreen Winter Poem Examples Poetry Winter Poems