• Wanted Poster

    If your students are doing a character profile, for Reading or for development of character for writing, creating a Wanted Poster is a great way to explore character traits. Create your poster as a Wanted Poster for a character (an antagonist/protagonist in your novel or story (or some other character you find interesting) Include in […]

  • Using Explain Everything to Create a Concrete/Shape Poem

    Concrete or shape poems are an interesting and creative way for students to present their ideas about a topic. Using Explain Everything, on one slide, students can create a shape and add text around the shape.   Watch video Concrete poem in Explain Everything

  • Use Pic Collage to Make New Year’s Resolution

    Did you know that New Year’s Resolutions were started by the Babylonians about 4000 years ago. Think about personal and school related goals or resolutions. Find a blank scroll picture on internet and save to photos Open Pic Collage and + add a new collage Press the + and Add Photos, choose Camera Roll and […]

  • Poetry Writing

    Poetry writing can be a great Winter writing activity.  Using a combination of on line websites and iPad Apps, students can create a poetry booklet .  Their portfolio can be presented in a variety of other apps and can include examples of : 1.   Haiku               2.   Tanka   […]

  • Using Word Clouds With iPads

    What are WordClouds? WordClouds are an application which deconstructs text and puts it into a visual representation.  In a nut shell, it takes your words and puts it into a picture. Reasons to use Word Clouds: Pre-Reading:  Skimming through text looking for key words, headings and pictures is a great pre-reading strategy.  However if the […]

  • Engaging Activities for Reading Poetry

    Much to the surprise of my colleagues, I find it so easy to get kids to enjoy, explore and critique poetry.  Giving students opportunities to explore a variety of poems, with very little guidance, and a whole lot of sharing, opens up discussions about poetic devices, themes, and messages in poetry.   As students are […]

  • Writing Poetry WWP Session 4

    In today’s session you may need the following documents: PoetryJanuary List of Onomatopoeia PoeticDevicesScavengerHunt Poetry unit poetrydevicesdefinition Powerpointmedia1 Types of Poems