• Using Word Clouds With iPads

    What are WordClouds? WordClouds are an application which deconstructs text and puts it into a visual representation.  In a nut shell, it takes your words and puts it into a picture. Reasons to use Word Clouds: Pre-Reading:  Skimming through text looking for key words, headings and pictures is a great pre-reading strategy.  However if the […]

  • Engaging Activities for Reading Poetry

    Much to the surprise of my colleagues, I find it so easy to get kids to enjoy, explore and critique poetry.  Giving students opportunities to explore a variety of poems, with very little guidance, and a whole lot of sharing, opens up discussions about poetic devices, themes, and messages in poetry.   As students are […]

  • Writing Poetry WWP Session 4

    In today’s session you may need the following documents: PoetryJanuary List of Onomatopoeia PoeticDevicesScavengerHunt Poetry unit poetrydevicesdefinition Powerpointmedia1 Types of Poems

  • iPad Insurance Survey

    You can open up the survey below in a bigger window by clicking on the link > https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14enhjVGsgMcVVSkwktYqS4sYjcM3qCM1hQbF6lHJ0QM/viewform

  • Revising and Editing

    As teachers we sometimes forget that students often do not understand what we mean when we ask them to edit.  It is interesting when you ask them, their responses are often all related to fixing spelling and punctuation. They seem focused on editing for Conventions.   Students have to be shown how to edit for […]

  • Using Word Clouds

    Word Clouds have been out there for several years. Students input text into generator and then create a visual cloud of their words. The larger the text, the more it is used in the document.  Get your students to use them creatively in the classroom! Here are several ways: Create a Concrete Poem Narrow ideas […]

  • Fairy Tale Writing: Fractured Fairy Tales

    Brainstorm Characteristics of Fairy Tale: Beginning, Ending, Setting, Characters, Problems etc. Decide on a fairy tale to write a parody on (try your favourite or least favourite) Reread the fairy tale in order to become an expert on the events Research to become familiar: http://lswhs.leesummit.k12.mo.us/lmclsw/Teacher%20Projects/fairytales.htm Draft Story using Inspirations Change one of the literary elements: Point […]

  • Fairy Tale Writing and Fables

    Telia the Monkey With the popular explosion of Fairy Tales in Entertainment, students are becoming more familiar with classic fairy tales.  All fairy tales and fables revolve around a moral or a lesson. Using these classic examples, a variety of story writing activities can be generated. Fractured Fairy Tales A story that uses fairy tale […]

  • Using Comic Life

    One of the best ways to engage your students in a story writing dialogue activity, is to use Comic Life.  What better way is there to show how writing dialogue needs to appropriate, clear and effective?  If their characters’ dialogue does not drive the plot, then the audience cannot follow their story. Several of the WWP teachers […]